Hytera PD792 Ex

The PD792 Ex is an intrinsically safe portable DMR radio that works in hazardous environments and complies with some of the strictest safety standards. It weighs 1.1 lbs and it’s dimensions are 5.55 x 2.16 x 1.53 inches. The PD792 Ex has 1024 channels. It works in the VHF 136-174 MHz (1Watt) or UHF 400-470MHz (1Watt) frequency range. The battery used with the PD792 Ex is a Lithium Ion 1800mAh. The impressive battery life is approximately 14.5 hours for Analog and approximately 17 hours for Digital. The PD792 Ex uses a drop in rapid rate charger. It has an IP67 rating for dust and moisture. Manufacturer’s Warranty on the PD792 Ex includes 3 years on parts and labor and 1 year on battery.

We recommend the PD792 Ex for the harshest environments including military and petroleum industries.